I make experimental web productions for a physical internet.
Weather-Jukebox, 2018
For the festival «Kulturlandsgemeinde» on the topic «because of wind and weather» the Weather-Jukebox played music according to the real-time weather in a given location. By searching for any place on earth, the current conditions are translated into tempo, danceability, key, etc. and determines which song has to be played.

Projector, Keyboard, Web-Application, PHP, JS, API (Bing, Spotify, Apixu)


Photo: © Kulturlandsgemeinde 2018, Hannes Thalmann
Entangled Objects, 2017
Entangled Objects is an ongoing series of web-connected everyday-objects. It questions the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) as means to weave a thread between spatially separated locations and tells stories of virtual relatedness.
In 2017 Entangled Objects received a work grant by the Ausserrhodische Kulturstiftung.

Everyday Objects, Particle Photon

Thanks China, 2017
To circumvent the «Great Firewall of China» an autonomous LED-Display can be placed in the sight of publicly accessible webcams. As the unsuspicious webcam image is not censored in real-time people in china can see the actually censored tweets. The display runs on battery and can be quickly set up wherever a webcam is accessible from china.

LED-Modules, Tripod, Raspberry Pi, Python, Twitter-API

Read more about Thanks China in my BA-thesis.
Web! 2017
A room-sized loom invites visitors to weave black and white patterns. These patterns are scanned in real time, translated to hex-colors, printed on postcards and displayed on screens. This tribute to the connection of weaving and the binary system was a cooperation with Anna Cordasco http://textilesforschen.ch

Webcam, Printer, Processing, Bash

Rauschen, 2016
For the anniversary of 500 years of reformation a website collected contemporary theses in the tension field of art and church. To make it tangible where it matters, a hammer was installed inside a church, which knocked each time a thesis was posted online.

Hammer, Motor, Particle Photon, Website, PHP, Wordpress

There You Are, 2015
There You Are is a website you can’t read alone. The more people visiting the website on the same WiFi, the more of it will become visible.

Website, PHP